One-Design Event

One Design Contest for 2022-23 Indoor Season!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…  Sure it says “One Design”, but don’t you fret that technicality for a moment.  Yessir, there are TWO one design models this coming indoor season.  Pick one, or build them both and double your fun!  We’ll explain how it all works below.  Just make sure you read/download the Rules so as not to run afoul of Judge Roy Bean as the Pinkham Field Irregulars like to say.  

Potez 34 Dime Scale model (Glastonbury Modelers Armstead Trophy Event)

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 Peck Polymers will be kitting this Potez model which was originally published in the August 2006 issue of Flying Models magazine.  Peck boss Chuck I. sold a bunch of Potez short kits (very reasonable price) at the November Glastonbury HS flying session and Glastonbury Modelers lead John K. included a copy of the plan with his 2022-23 Indoor Flying Schedule email.  Contact Chuck, or John if you want a Potez short kit or plan.  Or use the Contact Us form on this site and we’ll help you get what you need to build a Potez.  The model can also be flown in the FAC Dime Scale event.  Download the Rules for this year’s Armstead Trophy Event below.

Download 2022-23 Potez Dime Scale Armstead Trophy Event Rules

Guillow’s 18in Bird Dog kit (Stealth Squadron One Design Event)

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The Stealth Squadroneers will be flying their Guillow’s Bird Dog models in a series of fun events in the Penn Brook Middle School gym in 2023.  Don’t miss the Pylon Racing event – it’s a real crowd-pleaser!  The Rules (download below) are pretty simple – build it from the kit using the sheet wood, but lighten it up and reinforce the structure as you see fit.  The kit is available at or at a local hobby shop if you get lucky.  The model can also be flown in the FAC Simplified Scale and FAC Scale events too if you dress it up and add the details.  Download the Rules for the Bird Dog One Design Event below.

Download 2023 Guillow’s 18in Bird Dog kit One Design Event Rules

Build either one or both and you will have ample opportunity to fly your models indoors and outdoors in club meets and fun-flys. 
Have FUN!

One-Design Event Background

For several years now, the Stealth Squadron and the Glastonbury Modelers, based in Glastonbury, CT have been sponsoring a joint One Design Event in their respective indoor free flight model airplane competitions.  The indoor flying season for each of these Flying Aces Club “squadrons’ (local model airplane clubs) runs from November through April.  Between the two clubs there is ample opportunity to fly these One Design Models which makes this one of the most popular events.   Member enthusiasm and participation runs high as the One Design subject and plan is announced before each indoor flying season!

2018-19 One Design Model

2017-18 One Design Model