Fall 2019 Contest Photos – Amesbury & Durham


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We had some truly great flying days at this Fall’s local meets.  Unfortunately, turnout for the Oct 13 Woodsom Farm meet was light.  If you were not able to attend, please try to make upcoming meets – we need your participation and it’s assured you’ll have fun. 

We’ve posted photo essays of the recent Amesbury MA and Durham CT meets.  View these on the Pictures Page to get a sense for the goings-on at the field.  Feel free to post your comments.

Click the image at left to view the full results of the October 13 Amesbury Meet. 

See you at the next meet!


One thought on “Fall 2019 Contest Photos – Amesbury & Durham”

  1. I’ve got no one but me to blame for my results in the Greve/Thompson. My model has a floppy rudder. The hinges were getting sloppy enough that the rudder jammed against the stab, hard over, causing it to dive into the ground. Or at least that’s my theory pending the NTSB investigation. No damage, though, and I know what to fix.

    Nice pics!

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