Stealth Squadron Exhibits at NEMES

It came as a pleasant surprise when THE STEALTH SQUADRON was invited to exhibit at the New England Model Engineering Society(NEMES) model engineering show at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation, Waltham MA. The museum allows NEMES to put on a show every February. NEMES is an eclectic organization and the show included everything from live steam to compressed air engines, gunsmiths and water powered displays. Herb
Cotterly a Stealth Squadron member demonstrated his ΒΌ scale model A engine. Six members of the Stealth Squadron put on a display of our stick and tissue models. From the start, there was considerable interest. Even prior to the show opening other exhibitors made a visit to our table and when the doors opened at 10am we had a crowd of three deep, and many people signed Steves sheet to get info off of our website. Many of those visiting the table shared stories of building and crashing Guillow models in their youth, and had no idea that An organization like the FAC existed! One can only hope that such interest will swell our membership. NEMES impressed enough that we are invited back next year and we have been asked to give a presentation at one of their monthly meetings.

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