“Will could hardly see forward through the smashed windscreen. He pushed back the canopy for better visibility. It moved an inch and no more. He panicked. Then he put both feet on the dashboard and pulled with both hands. “


Dr. Richard Zapf


a post-Battle of Britain short story

Young Will Smythe was Blue 4 in a flight of four Hawker Hurricanes on a mission to wrest control of the skies over France after the tumultuous Battle of Britain.  Having never fired his guns in anger, and dreaming of his girl Melissa and their upcoming Valentines Day date, Will and his flight take on Germany’s best – the infamous Abbeville Boys.  It’s a wild ride as Will takes us through the hair-raising raid behind enemy lines, his frantic escape, and the final encounter as he crosses the Channel and nears the safety of Mother England.

Feel the cold sweat of World War 2 aerial combat..

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