Postal Contest 2022

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Flyer/Date Model Time (sec) Temp (F) Bonus Locale Rank
Trailing Edge 3/4/22 SBC-3 290 42 15-20 Rhodesville VA 285 Wing Cdr!
C’ville Flier 3/4/22 SBC 217 41 15-20 Rhodesville VA 212
JetKo 1/16/22 Comet Aeroneer 61 12 11+40 Old Lyme, CT 112
C’ville Flier 2/26/22 Beechcraft Staggerwing 85 48 15-20 Rhodesville USA 80
TommyToo 1/27/2022 Paris-Saigon Potez 48 16 1+30 Beaver Lake, MA 79
Giov 3/12/22 T-28D Trojan 35 30 10+20 Latham, NY 65
Baby Bullet 2/22/22 DGA-9 8 -11 (yikes!) 1+40 Billings, Montana 49
“OOS” Sand 3/16/22 Bellanca Jr 55 55 10-35 Providence, RI 30
NRE 2/28 25 yr old Comet Curtiss Robin 8 28 1+20 106 Cutlery, Earth 29
      • Starts on New Years Day, January 1, 2022 and ends on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2022
      • For Dime Scale models only (current FAC Rules apply)
      • Temperature Bonus added per Table below (UPDATED)
      • Model Bonus points applied to all entries according to official FAC Dime Scale rules  – max 15pts
      • All Flights are to be made Outdoors
      • Enter as many models and fly as often as you like – as long as your latest flight time for any model exceeds it’s previous time
      • Submit your Postal Flight times via the online Postal Contest Timesheet Form below
      • A running list of the Top 20 flight times will be posted at the top of this web page
      • The Clubster who is leading with the highest bonus-adjusted flight time will be Wing Commander.  Whomever is Wing Commander on March 17 is the winner!

Postal Contest Timesheet Form

Use this online Timesheet to submit your flight time and related information. The results standings (Table at Top of This Page) will be updated toot-sweet so you can see how you stack up against the competition.  

Aero-FAC-modeling related psuedo-name for use in posting your timesheet entry on the Postal Contest results table. Keep it short and family friendly! First name & last name initial only will be used if no entry here.
Name of your original or psuedo Dime Scale model (must meet current FAC rules)
Location can be City/Town & State or City & Country
Honor System here gang! Round down to the last complete second on your stopwatch. Do not add any Bonus
Honor system again....remember we can check!